11. Urban Living labs as an infra structure for urban vitality and social inclusion: 3 cases from South Limburg

Urban Living labs (session is in English)
Urban Living Labs (ULLs) have become a popular instrument for finding solutions to urban challenges faced by cities and communities. Smart Urban redesign research center at Zuyd University of applied sciences developed a model for urban living labs based on quadruple Helix and interdisciplinary research for South Limburg. Engaging more 2000 students from 12 disciplines in diverse vulnerable neighborhoods in Heerlen, Maastricht and Geleen Zuid who developed a number of interesting interventions (physical/spatial, circular, social and cultural) that were tested in these neighborhoods that aim at improving life quality , vitality and social inclusion. The main conclusions of this action/experimental research is that; context matters (shrinkage, ageing, poverty…etc) and is the main indicator of developing any urban development strategies and actions. The other conclusion is engaging local community and stakeholders in these process from the very start in co-creation is a crucial to the success of any urban development actions.


Lecture by: Prof. dr.Nurhan Abujidi (Associate professor – Lector)
Chair Smart Urban ReDesing research center (SURD)
Smart Living center of expertise – Zuyd Hogeschool